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Is Pinterest significant for your business?

February 14, 2012

Pinterest is significant for the Swiss Businesses Club

Dear Reader of the Swiss Business Club Blog on WordPress,

Just a few days ago I was invited from one of my investors on Empire Avenue to join him on Pinterest.

It was part of a Mission I liked to execute!

Besides Ecademy, Empire Avenue, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, Pinterest, as a new social media tool, offers new a business strategy to help build up a business network in the form of pins and boards!

Pinterest offers users to positioning themselves as thought leaders in their industry and send increasing traffic, and in-turn potential clients, to their website.

I came back to my office and suddenly I started seeing mentions of Pinterest in all my own social media feeds. What was it and how could I have missed it until now?

Pinterest is perhaps the most buzzed-about service of early 2012 and an unexpected startup success story.. Users can ‘pin’ interesting things they find on the web and use Pinterest to put this web content into ‘sticky-note’ sized blocks that users can organise onto virtual pinboards that fill the entire browser screen and share them with friends.

Here’s how to get involved:


  • Pin a craft, recipe or project you love.
  • Follow the directions and reproduce it in real life, snapping photos along the way. Be sure to take a photo of the finished product!
  • Upload the photos of your project, along with a screengrab of the original “pin,” to iReport (you can get started by clicking the button at the bottom of this post). In the text, tell us how your project turned out compared to the original and how the process went. Was it easier or harder than you thought? Will you use Pinterest for real-life inspiration again?
  • If you are a Twitter, Instagram, or PicPlz user, you can also send us your submission with the hashtag #pinstoprojects.

You can have as many pinboards as you like and you can pin as many images, videos, links, websites, pictures as you like to each pinboard.


What do you think?

Is Pinterest significant for your business?

Please feel free to share your comments!

Have a great and happy weekend!


– Lucas

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