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5 Reasons to Take a Drive Down Empire Avenue

Originally posted on Empire Avenue Tips:

blogathonThis week Empire Avenue has been doing a blog-a-thon.  It’s a great idea to rally EAvers to blog about Empire Avenue and get some bring some additional visitors and publicity to their blogs, as well as to Empire Avenue.

Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

After more than 33 posts and 1200 posts, Empire Avenue Tips is one of the longest running blogs about Empire Avenue, so I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without contributing a post.

So, why am I still engaged in Empire Avenue after all all this time?

Here are 5 reasons…

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Computer worry-free for € 5.95 a month

We found on a Facebook business page an amazing business model of a start up in Mainz, Germany that will offer you a service agreement from a service center that will keep your PC, mobile, tablet, notebook or laptop free of any kinds of vulnerabilities and risks!

“Computer worry-free for € 5.95 a month

In Mainz starts the first service center, when 10,000 people from Mainz and surroundings say “Yes, I will!” they will start operations within a deadline to collect engagement within one month.

More information

As all is written in German on their Facebook Business Page, that we have liked already, we repost the German text as well:

Computersorgenfrei für 5,95 € im Monat
In Mainz startet die erste Servicezentrale, wenn 10.000 Menschen aus Mainz und Umgebung sagen “Ja, das will ich!”

Mehr Infos auf

Shorty Awards for CharlesWyrsch

The Swiss Business Club has nominated CharlesWyrsch for a Short Award in #Art.


Would you like to vote ?

- Click the  link while logged in your twitter account
– type the twitter handle: @CharlesWyrsch
-  write a short reason after “because”  , otherwise the vote won’t be valid
– and then click “tweet your nomination” button


Thank you in advance

Does Empire Avenue Have a Negative Growth Strategy?

Does Empire Avenue Have a Negative Growth Strategy?


negative-growthLike many of you, I’ve been concerned that the number of active users on Empire Avenue has not been growing.  In fact, it’s been declining for more than 18 months.

But based on recent comments by EAv CEO, Dups, EAv is apparently not only unconcerned about the lack of growth but  actually striving for it…


Dups wrote in a comment on Harold Gardner’s blog:

I’m not too worried that our audience is small, we purposefully have controlled access to Empire Avenue so that we can get all the changes in place, it’s hard to make the kind of changes we want to do while having a giant audience.

And all this time I was under the misguided assumption that EAv wanted to grow.

I guess that explains why EAv has not had a marketing person on their team, does not use social media, and seems to be removing most of the fun elements from the Avenue.

I wonder if EAv’s investors are on board with this negative growth strategy. Are you?

E-DeMa, a smart meter field test in Germany – Smart Grid Watch – Siemens Global Weblogs

\”As a first step, each household’s electricity meter was replaced with a digital smart meter….. Smart meters record power consumption data on an internal memory chip at 15-minute intervals. Once a day these data are anonymized and transmitted via the power lines to an energy-data management system. \”  |  \”Some 100 households that were selected at random have been equipped with smart appliances from Miele. “These appliances automatically choose the lowest tariff for their operating cycle,” …\”  |  \”Another 13 households.. were fitted with combined heat and power units (micro-CHPs). In addition to producing hot water, these can also generate electricity. “If demand for power exceeds the amount currently on offer from the utility, the micro-CHPs can be activated via the gateway to feed electricity into the grid,”…\”

via E-DeMa, a smart meter field test in Germany – Smart Grid Watch – Siemens Global Weblogs.

Introducing the Empire Avenue Resource Guide

Written by Erin BoykinIn November, Paul Steinbrueck and Chris Ford introduced a new Facebook Group called Beyond Empire Avenue (if your not sure what I’m talking about, please visit this post.) Today, he introduced Beyond Empire Avenue, the website.Now I, Erin Boykin, am excited to introduce you to a new resource called the Empire Avenue Resource Guide. The Guide:

via Introducing the Empire Avenue Resource Guide.

Customer Service and Automated Phone Systems – Infographic

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on this blog, so I thought I’d share a little infographic that I made.  When you think of customer service, does it annoy you?  Anger you?  Drive you nuts because you can’t get a hold of a human being?  How does being transferred multiple times make you feel?

What is your over all feelings towards Customer Service, especially those blasted Automated Systems that tell you to push one for English or push two for Spanish.  Sense when does America have to cater to any one specific minority group.  You won’t find other European countries doing that.  Either you learn their language or hire a translator.

Enough rambling, I hope that you enjoyed this little infographic that I put together.  Hopefully it will shed some light on anyone with a business thinking about getting one of these cursed systems.  Remember, Angry customers means that they’ll be more likely to find a competitor.

Save the company money?  Not if customers are so furious with the system that they choose to go else where.

Do Automated Phone Systems Work?


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